Latek Capital played a vital role in helping transition the Equipment Segment (construction & industrial equipment and general tools) of the industry from a family business owned and operated by its founders to a “corporate” enterprise.

  • United Rentals, Inc.  purchase of A&A Tool Rentals in northern California – As the founders of United were exploring an investment in the rental industry, Latek Capital introduced them to A&A, one of the then largest construction rental firms in California – and a long term client of the firm – resulting in this being the initial transaction that brought United into the industry, after which it became a NYSE traded company with more than 700 locations across the country, generating revenues in excess of $3.5 million.
  • The Stanley Works  divestiture of Taylor Rental – Latek Capital managed The Stanley Works exit from the rental industry by managing the divestiture of its 100 location rental chain spread across the country.
  • RDO Equipment   purchase of Sun Valley Equipment Rentals, AZ – In managing the divestiture of this 5 location construction equipment rental business, Latek Capital developed RDO (a national John Deere dealer) as a buyer, bringing RDO into the rental business, simultaneous with its Initial Public Offering.
  • Hertz Equipment Rental  purchase of A&A Tool Rentals, WA – Latek Capital initiated and developed this transaction whereby Hertz Equipment acquired this 21 store general tool and construction equipment rental business in the Seattle area.
  • Rental Service Corp.  purchase of U-Rent-M, TX – RSC entered the rental business with the acquisition of this 5 location construction equipment rental business, after which RSC went on to become a national, publicly owned company.
  • National Equipment Services  purchase of Lone Star Rental, TX – Following a multi-year relationship with a major private equity group, NES Rentals was formed to purchase this 5 location construction equipment rental business. Following this acquisition, NES went on to become a national publicly owned company.
  • Rental One  divestiture of non-core locations – In order that Rental One could focus its attention on operating as a regional rental business, Latek Capital managed the divestiture of its 35 stores located outside the southeast.