Latek Capital Corp. specializes in providing investment banking services exclusively to the equipment rental industry throughout the United States. The rental industry is comprised of those businesses that generate their primary revenue from the rental of:

  • Equipment Segment: Construction & Industrial Equipment; General Tools and Do-It-Yourself Equipment
  • Event & Party Segment: Event (tents and staging) and Party (tables, chairs, cooking and catering) equipment
  • Industry “Niches”: Portable sanitation, bleachers, fencing, etc.

Since the early 1990’s, Latek Capital has a established a demonstrated record of successfully assisting the rental industry through its first major ownership transition and the development of equity capital. Leveraging its 45 years of rental experience, the firm is well positioned to confidentially bring together well organized, profitable, growing rental organizations with private equity groups, corporate entities, and high net worth families and individuals seeking to invest in the ever expanding industry.

Transactions managed by Latek Capital are limited to those rental firms that are structured to function as a “business by itself”, possessing the following criteria:

  • Revenues greater than $5 million
  • EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, as adjusted) greater than 15% of Revenues
  • Good organizational structure, including management staff, strong market presence, and positioned for expansion

Founded in 1990 by its principal, Edward C. Latek - following his then prior 25 years affiliation with the rental industry - Latek Capital has managed across the country:

  • The divestiture or equity formation for more than 150 rental businesses
  • Brought into the rental industry scores of equity investors and high net worth buyers
  • Facilitated the merger of multiple rental businesses into a combined unit

In confidentially working closely with the principals of a rental business and the Investor/Buyer community, Latek Capital provides a unique and valuable service to both sides of every transaction.

Rental Clients

Based on our multi decades relationship with many rental businesses, we are uniquely positioned to work closely with and assist the principals of a business seeking:

  • Additional equity capital necessary to expand the business, buyout a partner or other family members, reduce indebtedness, acquire another business, or obtain greater liquidity
  • Divestiture (sale) of some or all of their interest in the business
  • Merge or acquire another rental business
  • Obtain a Business Valuation
  • Develop a long term, corporate development strategy for expanding the business, passing it on to succeeding generations, or exiting the business

In managing rental client assignments for one of the above services, Latek Capital develops a comprehensive strategy for the business, including:

  • Conducting an extensive review of the general operations, financial condition and operating results of the business
  • Providing a realistic evaluation of the business
  • Developing a strategy to minimize tax liabilities resulting from a transaction
  • Developing qualified, viable equity investors and buyers
  • Working closely with the client’s accountants, lawyers and other professional advisors
  • Leading all negotiations and coordinate the closing of a transaction.

In managing a transaction, Latek Capital is committed to developing and effecting that transaction partner and structure that will best reward the principals for their enterprise, and provide an orderly, smooth transition.

Equity Investors and Buyers

In working with equity investors and buyers seeking to enter the rental business, Latek Capital leverages its expertise in the rental industry to assist new entrants seeking an investment within the industry by:

  • Helping to educate an investor on the industry’s operations, financial dynamics and corporate development opportunities.
  • Developing and introducing investor to qualified prospects that will best meet investment criteria of the project
  • Due to our close relationship with hundreds of rental businesses across the country – relationships frequently going back three or four decades, we are familiar with the inner dynamics of many businesses and their principals that though not necessarily “for sale” nonetheless could be a viable target for an equity investment or acquisition. As a close confidant of these businesses we possess a keen sense of certain ownership matters such as succession issues, family “challenges”, dysfunctional partnership situations, retirement goals, and other sensitive issues not known to the outside world. This background understanding can, and has lead to many transactions with a business that was not openly seeking a transaction.